Valamis -  Learning Experience Platform

Valamis - Learning Experience Platform

In today's high tech world learning has become diverse, as well as time and place independent. The nature of work is changing faster than ever and organizations need to grasp the renewed ways of innovating and problem solving. Thus, adapting to new ways of learning, sharing information, analyzing results, and being compliant has become crucial for organizations.

Utilize the latest learning methodologies

Valamis is an open source Learning Experience Platform, which not only enables formal learning but also social and informal learning. It is a perfect solution for managing learning and development in a global environment. By utilizing the latest learning methodologies, it adapts to organizations' various needs, whether they concern training own personnel, resellers, customers or partners. Valamis supports the newest learning methodologies, including phenomenon-based learning, gamification, and learning by swarming.

Analytics to support your learning

Valamis has strong emphasis on learning analytics, which are operated via Experience API (xAPI, also known as TinCan API) and Learning Record Store (LRS). The combination of the xAPI and LRS gives organizations a powerful tool to receive accurate analytics of both formal and informal learning goals of individuals as well as of groups of learners. 

Meet the regulatory compliance requirements

Valamis is a perfect solution for meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Valamis learning analytics allows you to save and keep track on your learning records and competences. You can easily go back and search for needed certifications and learning records in order to meet the regulatory compliance and auditing requirements. 

Store learning records and competences safely

With Valamis you can decide where your learning records and competences are stored. Valamis can be installed into your organization's own network or it can be hosted externally. These are great options in case security limitations prevent you from using cloud-based services in your organization. 

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With Valamis you can respond to the challenges of future way of working and learning. Take your organization's learning to the next level already today!

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