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Kuopio University Hospital

Kuopio University Hospital launches its new public web site

The new Web site of the Pohjois-Savo Hospital District offers information for the customers of Kysteri, the state-owned enterprise in charge of supplying primary health care services to Kuopio University Hospital and eight municipalities in North Savo.

The site has been designed particularly with patients and their families in mind, without forgetting the hospital district's other partners and stakeholders. Special attention was paid to clarity, ease of use, and customer-orientation. In addition, e-services are being developed for the site, with the first online forms slated for launch in spring 2014.

The content, structure, and look of the site were completely overhauled. The new site was created in collaboration with Istekki Oy, a company owned mainly by the Pohjois-Savo Hospital District and the City of Kuopio. The technical implementation of the site was carried out in collaboration with Arcusys, using the Liferay platform.

"Collaboration with Arcusys was smooth and simple, and things progressed according to schedule. We have received a lot of positive feedback, and we will continue working together on developing the site until the rollout, in spring," explains Web Editor Erikka Mannila.

The modernization of the Web site was part of a large-scale project designed to improve the Pohjois-Savo Hospital District's information management, which includes the district's internal and external online services and document management, among other functions.


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