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The starting point for the renewal of the corporate's intranet structure was the construction´s of personal user experience, of finding information and ease of use. Together with new functionalities and developing the content management, it was also necessary to rationalize the server environment. This way it was possible to centralize environments that were located on 64 different servers into one central place.

"The functionalities are now on a totally different level. For example with the search function one can search based on title, area of expertise, location or unit and there are about 5000 user profiles with contact details available", states Communications Specialist Nina Riihelä.

In addition to the global content that is common to all in the intranet there is also a segment, in other words a business group specific level, which enables segment's internal information sharing in the global environment. In addition to these two levels, a location specific level used for managing unit level communication was implemented. The user's view is determined by his/her profile. In other words, the content is tailored to the user.

To ensure a sense of community there is the possibility to create different kinds of communities. In the intranet there are communities which are open to all, communities where one can request membership into and partly closed communities that are created by a key user. Blogging and the possibility to comment were added in order to enhance the sense of community. Users can also answer to the question of the day and follow what others are thinking about the current issues.

"Objectives have been reached. We have had a good way of working together with Arcusys; the common key was found right from the beginning and work has been easy. Work has been addressed and taken care of quickly", describes Riihelä. 

Huhtamäki Group is one of the world's largest consumer and specialty packaging companies of which net sales in 2012 was 2,3 billion euro. Catering and consumer packaging market is served with approximately 14, 400 employees in 64 manufacturing units and in several sales offices in 31 countries. The parent company, Huhtamäki Oyj, is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd and the company's headquarter is located in Espoo. For more information, please visit:  

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