Digital Transformation of Learning

Digital Transformation of Learning

Digital transformation is currently shaking several industries and influencing the way organizations and institutions operate. The nature of work is changing faster than ever. Working and learning have started to blend, and the digital transformation of learning has accelerated organizations' ability to transform. Learning is becoming more measurable, developable, and goal-oriented. At the same time, work is becoming more spontaneous, virtual and hyperconnected. Deciding when and where individuals learn is no longer time and place dependent. Thus, accelerating learning with the help of digitalization is becoming a critical success factor for organizations.

Analyzing learning and competences

The change in the nature of work and digitalization are creating challenges for organizations in several industries. Doing business is getting more globalized and intercontinental. Also, workforce is retiring and organizations are in a risk of losing a large amount of hidden tacit knowledge due to retirement. In a rapidly changing environment, it is essential to be able to analyze and develop learning and organizational capabilities in a similar way to other business operations. Recognizing any potential shortage or risks within capabilities has become crucial for organizations.


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Maximizing strategic capabilities

Understanding how to maximize the effectiveness of learning and development should be a common interest of all enterprises and organizations. Since learning and problem solving often happen in social and informal scenarios, it is important to have tools to measure and analyze 100% of learning activities. We believe, that combining the latest learning methods with the right technology provides organizations an exceptional opportunity to improve their strategic capabilities. With the right tools organizations can prepare themselves for the future way of working. 

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